Importance of platforms like Reddit

Eduardo Marques

Eduardo Marques

Software Engineer @ Yawe

Hello everyone!

Wanted to give you a quick update and share with you my experience from this weekend, since it was craaazyy!!

I decided that it was good idea to start talking about YAWE in some platforms for developers, and since I'm a Reddit user I shared the service in the Javascript subreddit. And wow, I had an explosion of requests!

Service usage

This shows how important these communities are. After all, one of the hardest parts of building something it to get users in the beginning, so these platforms for sure help. I also enjoy and soon will start posting some articles there, so make sure you check it out.

And ah, remember to give something back, in my case I intend to share some of the things I'm learning during this project.

If you are interested in the post on Reddit, here you go:

Take care guys!