New user registration

Use the Authentication endpoint to register new users in your application.

Request data#

HTTP method: POST

URL format: https://baseUrl/versionNumber/customEndpointRoute/userEndpoint?key=apiKey[&dataOnly=true]


Request Headers#

Content-TypeSpecifies the MIME type of the body of the Request. It must be application/json.Yes

Request Parameters#

The following table describes the Request parameters.

baseUrlBase url for calling the API.


versionNumberService version.

Value: The current value is 1.

customEndpointRouteThe route which identifies custom endpoints.

Default value: ce

userEndpointThe endpoint name generated by the user.

Value: the name created at

keyThe API Key of the project.Yes
dataOnlyIf used, the endpoint response will be the POST body, without additional information such as ‘uniqueId’.

Value: true


POST body#

The registration endpoint expects a JSON with user credentials. It checks if username and password are provided and doesn’t accept duplicate usernames.

See the table below for more details:

usernameType: StringYes
passwordType: String

The password is not encrypted on the server side.

<otherParams>It accepts more parameters.No

Note: We recommend storing other user information in a separate endpoint, because other users won’t have access to this endpoint.

Response data#

Error codes#

Error codeDescription
400Possible reasons:
  • Endpoint or API Key not valid.
  • Wrong Content-Type, it only accepts "application/json".
  • Empty Request body.
  • If username or password are not present in the request body.
  • If the username already exists.
403Missing API Key, not allowed origin or disallowed request without orign.

Successful response#

uniqueId: "3f38bf9e1bb54d2396d1f1b8fbba1630",
data: { username: "usernameeee", password: "passworddddd" },
createdAt: "2020-12-27T10:58:45.000Z",
updatedAt: "2020-12-27T10:58:45.000Z"