Endpoints are created under projects and are used to store your data.

These REST endpoints use the HTTP protocol’s request types, they receive CREATE, READ, UPDATE and DELETE requests, regardless of the technology used in your application.




https://app.yawe.dev/api/1/ce -> Base URL

examples/unsecure-endpoint -> Endpoint name

d59eb2859c284168ac48aef65046d5dd -> API Key of the project

TIP: You should create different endpoints to manage different types of data. For example, you can create an endpoint for users and one endpoint for companies.


If you delete an endpoint, all the data associated with it is deleted permanently and it is NOT recoverable.

Endpoint options#

Property nameDefinition
Endpoint name

This is the name of your endpoint and needs to be unique, if it already exists there will be an error.

Validation rule: Must only contain lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens and "/". Also, it must not start or end with "/" or "-", not contain double "-" and the length must be between 5 and 254.


DescriptionNot mandatory. You can use this field to add additional information about this endpoint.
Authentication endpointWith this option enabled you can use this endpoint to authenticate your users, and you can also secure other endpoints.

For more information about authentication endpoints please check the documentation for Authentication endpoints.


When an endpoint is secure, the user needs to login first using the Authentication endpoint, otherwise the data is not accessible.

The Access Token received from the Authentication endpoint needs to be sent with the requests.

The token is stored in a HTTP only cookie, to send it in other requests use the credentials property.

// using fetch
{ credentials: 'include' }
// using axios
{ withCredentials: true }

Additional data access options#

Use these options to control who can access the data stored in your secure endpoints.

Data can be READ by other authenticated users

This option is selected by default.

With this option enabled, authenticated users can access the data created by other users. If this option is disabled, the next two options are disabled automatically.

Data can be MODIFIED by other authenticated users

This option is selected by default.

With this option enabled, authenticated users can modify the data created by other users.

Data can be READ by non-authenticated users

This option is NOT selected by default.

With this option enabled, non-authenticated users can access all the data existing in the endpoint.

Continue reading to check all what you can do with YAWE endpoints.